3 Things to know when you’re in a transition.

We all go through transitions in our lives. Whether it be with our career, our environment, our social circles, etc. And there comes a time when things seem to be falling away from our old life. During this time it can be hard to know what to do next. Here are 3 things to help this tranistion period in life.

Firstly, it’s okay to empty your cup. In western culture we are surrounded by the “buzz” of always doing something. But there comes a time when things must end and during this time you cannot always be doing anything at all actually. Or maybe you dont even know what is next. You have to let things fall away. You have to create space for the new things to have room to even enter. You are still being productive by not doing anything.

Secondly, let your mind wander in all the directions you might want to go. We often times look at others thinking they have it all figured it out, but even people who are more “by the books” with life have shifts in their lives. You don’t have to be interested in the same things you’ve always been interested in, or you don’t have to do things like you've ever done them before. What you have identified with, does not have to be your one identity your whole life. Explore.

Thirdly, sometimes when we are in transition we tend to feel like we aren’t quite ourselves. Because, well, we aren't! When this happens it can be a good time to take time to ourselves, or meet new people. Sometimes even the people who love us the most won’t know how to react to this new version of you, and sometimes they aren’t the sound board you need. Meeting new people can be a good way to explore new sides of yourself. And being alone can help as well, letting yourself sink into the emptiness, it’s like letting the muddy water settle so the water can get clear again.

All in all, its really about letting yourself be okay with the blank slate before creating again. This transition time can be a really potent time. There is a lot to be said about stillness and its own role it plays in manifesting our deepest desires. We must be quiet in order to listen.